School Projects.

Here you can see some of the projects I created in a team or by myself throughout my duration at Kennesaw State University.


Hacktical Advantage

Hacktical Advantage was my senior project. This game is a cooperative game that cross plays with VR, mobile devices, and PC’s. The objective with creating this game was to make a procedural, cross play, virtual reality, and networked game. The idea was very ambitious. Having one player, usually on PC or VR, act as the operative. Then to have a different player, usually on PC or mobile devices, act as the hacker. This co-operative experience hinged on the operative “tagging” objects with his gun, and the hacker then having the capability to hack into various obstacles to allow the operative to keep going. Once the operative obtained the treasure he would then navigate back to the start room, while continuing to avoid detection. While working on this project I acted a project leader, programmer, and asset creator. I programmed many functions of the project such as: the turret and camera AI, turret and camera UI off/on screen pointers, the hacker waypoints, and much more. I was also the creator of the environment models. I modeled high poly and low poly versions of each environment element as well as normal baking, texturing and animating.

Candle Light

During the 2019 Global Game Jam a small group and myself created a virtual reality game based on the theme, What Does Home Mean to Me. The player interacts with a ghost to help resolve his past. This is done by the player traversing the house and collecting pieces of a portrait reflecting the ghost's past so he can happily move on to the afterlife.  In this weekend long game jam I was responsible for creating many different systems for the game such as the warmer and colder system with the candle. As the player got closer to an object that needed to be collected the candles flame's increased in size, as the player got further away the flame's size decreased. The title menu and animation were done by me as well as the end game scene and animations. The little ghost friend was also created by me with the use of blender. Everything in the game was created by our group. We didn't need to use any pre-made assets or music.


In class we we're told to remake a retro game for our final project of the semester but with our own twist. So I thought it would be unique to take an all time classic to SPACE! Alienation is based on the original Super Mario Bros. The first level is an exact replica of the first level in the game, but after you complete the level he launches in to the sky upon a rocket ship. There he dawns a new space outfit, which I was responsible for making, and takes on new stages on various planets. Alienation keeps the same format as the original game with 3 levels and then a boss fight. Once completed you free princess peach from a treacherous one eyed alien that can split into miniature versions of him self after taking damage.  I was responsible for all aspects of this game. This includes: conception, documentation, programming, art, and implementation. 


Bloodline is an interactive platform game that puts you in the role of an investigator in a dark mysterious land. There’s a serial killer on the loose and no one seems safe. After every murder the killer leaves the body dry of blood with absolutely no trace of evidence. However after one “slip up” he leaves a trail to be followed. Following the trail, our main character is challenged with obstacles and a daring journey. The player will have to navigate from level to level and figure out how to complete each level in hopes to get closer to finding the killer. Bloodline was semester long group project that a group of four students created including myself. During this project I was responsible for acting as project manager. I delegated tasks and held weekly sprint meetings with my project group. I also was one of the primary programmers for this project. Responsible for player movement, physics, enemy and friendly AI, and puzzle mechanics through out the game.